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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

(Pittsburgh, PA) For Immediate Release: This Little Light

Presented by the Sabira Cole Film Festival

EVENT DETAILS: Tuesday June 29, 2021 @ 7:00 PM EDT - 8:30 PM EDT

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FREE This is a virtual-only event live-streamed on City of Asylum @ Home. (Run-time 90 min including screening + discussion & Q&A)

Join the Sabira Cole Film Festival for a screening of the documentary This Little Light and a live post-screening discussion with filmmakers Wendi Moore-O’Neal & Ada McMahon, and podcaster Jenine Hansel.

About the Film: This Little Light (50 mins) tells the story of Wendi Moore-O’Neal, a Black Feminist freedom singer from New Orleans, fired from her community organizer job when she married her wife Mandisa. This Little Light is a self-determined portrait about the power of love, community, and the living legacy of the Black Southern Freedom movement. It calls us to rethink work, build beloved community, and take risks in service to being free. About the Subject: Wendi Moore-O’Neal is a Black Feminist butch dyke from New Orleans, Louisiana. She uses story circles and song sharing, learned from her family of movement veterans, as tools for growing inspiration and building democratic process. Wendi runs Jaliyah Consulting.

About the Filmmaker: Ada McMahon is a documentary filmmaker whose practice centers loving and self-reflective collaborations. Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ada lives and works in New Orleans. She produces multimedia content for organizations that are working towards a just and liberated world. Ada has an MFA in filmmaking from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

About the Podcaster: Jenine Hansel is a Black Feminist and host of Not Another Angry Black Woman (link: the podcast, where she deep dives into complex “isms” – capitalism, sexism, misogynoir, self-love, trauma, transphobia… – with the desire to use audible content as a source of comedy, learning, love and inspiration.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thanks, Ogechi Chieke Sabira Cole Film Festival

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