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For Immediate Release: Sabira Cole Film Festival is Partnered with JouvayFest Collective

The Brooklyn based JouvayFest Collective (JFC) has partnered with Sabira Cole Film Festival (SCFF) in presenting a new film series of Caribbean oriented features, documentaries, and shorts. The series starts in January 2021 and continues until March 2021. What this partnership intends to accomplish is to present online “edutainment” and events critical to maintaining the connections among the African Diaspora and other supportive culturally curious audiences.

JouvayFest Collective has taken the J’ouvert celebration to 3 countries in Africa. JFC presented theatrical performances, street processions & music workshops in Morocco, Ivory Coast, and Senegal, with their collaborators. SCFF was built on the foundation of Sembene: the Film and Arts Festival, working with key partners in Pittsburgh, PA to screen a well-curated selection of new and old films from the African Diaspora. This year, as the Sabira Cole Film Festival, we continued the tradition of film screenings, discussion, & community building by presenting a juried film festival that highlights issues and representation of people from global indigenous communities. SCFF’s 2020 Partnership with the City of Asylum yielded an audience of 100-300 viewers per event, during film screenings held from June to November 2020. Both organization’s audiences extend nationally and internationally.

With consideration to Covid-19 restrictions, 99% of all indoor/outdoor arts & culture events have been paused. Subsequently, the international J’Ouvert & Carnival global traditions are interrupted. Global arts and culture organizations are seeking alternative ways to continue connecting with their audiences to maintain these vital cultural traditions. JouvayFest Collective & Sabira Cole Film Festival have partnered for an online film series to accomplish this objective.

Although we are taking a break from the street parades this year, this is still an opportunity to celebrate our uniqueness and unify online. J’ouvert & Carnival cultural traditions are well understood by residents of the Caribbean, Brazil, USA & UK, etc. But among cultural outsiders, there are many misconceptions about what appears to be an ordinary masked street parade. JFC & SCFF aim to present programming to fill this void, educate and celebrate this heirloom tradition of Resistance and Resilience. All events will be inclusive & free of charge to the public.

Join us in telling our own stories from our own point of view! JCF & SCFF have partnered to promote the right image of J’ouvert/Carnival culture online! JFC & SCFF want everyone to have access to the celebration from the comfort of their home!

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