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The city of Pittsburgh has produced many amazing heroes and places. We at the Sabira Cole Film Festival are honoring those legends in as many ways as possible. This year we are honoring their legacies through the"Hometown Hero" Film Award and to celebrate Juneteenth we created the Black Pittsburgh's Hall of Fame!

Click an image to learn about one of the Hall of Famers.

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What's your vision of what belongs in Pittsburgh's Black Hall of Fame?

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Arts & Entertainment

  • Antione Fuqua

  • Bill Nunn III

  • Billy Porter 

  • Henry O. Tanner

  • Lena Horne 

  • Negro Opera House 

  • Teenie Harris 

  • Tina Brewer

  • Vanessa German

Arts & Entertainment


  • Bill Nunn II 

  • Connie Hawkins 

  • Franco Harris 

  • Homestead Grays

  • Joe Gilliam 

  • Mike Tomlin 

  • Roberto Clemente

Learning _ Literature.png
Learning & Literature

Learning & Literature

  • August Wilson

  • Damon Young

  • Dr. Helen Faison

  • Jean H. Wails

  • John Brewer

  • John Edgar Widerman

  • Pittsburgh Courier 

  • Robert L. Vann 


  • Belmar Gardens 

  • Bill Strickland

  • Buzz Robinson 

  • Crawford Grill 

  • Dorsey's Record Shop 

  • Gus Greenlee 

  • Homewood Coliseum 

  • WEMCO 

Community Service.png

Community Service

  • Alma Illery Medical Center

  • Alma Illery 

  • Ayanna Jones 

  • George Vashon 

  • Hill House 

  • K. Leroy Irvis

  • Leon Ford

  • Manchester Bidwell Corporation

  • Martin Delaney 

  • Sabira Cole

  • Wilford Payne 

Community Service
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