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Submit a Film

The SCFF Third Season is LIVE!


Here are the categories of films we are accepting this year. 


For more information about submissions, check out our Film Freeway page.

The submission period for 2022 begins March 15th! 

*All categories $25 entry

Home-Town Hero Award, Films from Pittsburgh:

This award is for films that are a shining example of what the Steel City has to offer. Films based in Pittsburgh, about Pittsburgh or by Pittsburgh residents should only apply for this award. It can be feature-length or short. This prize will only have one winner.

Feature-length narrative film or documentary:

A film of more than 25 minutes in length, addressing a real-world event or issue. Films in this category will ideally be at least 45 minutes duration. Eligible for the Sabira Cole Award, Best Feature Film, Narrative or Documentary.

Short narrative or documentary film:

A film of at least 15 minutes, but not more than 25 minutes in duration. Films may be from an original script or addressing a real-world event or issue. Eligible for the Sabira Cole Award, Best Short Film, Narrative or Documentary.  

Geraldine B. Hill Award, Films for Children and Youth:

This is an additional fee if you would your film to also submit under consideration of the youth film award. The Youth film award will be given to those films made by, starring, or specifically geared towards a younger audience. 

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